Mother And Child


Chiropractic care is suitable for both the mother and baby. Often mothers start getting treated from the moment they find out about their pregnancy. Chiropractic treatment may aid in a more comfortable pregnancy and assist is either preventing or managing lower back pain that may present due to pregnancy. Chiropractic treatment is often provided to paediatric patientsĀ to assist in their optimum functioning, especially after birth. Chiropractic treatment has been found to be of great benefit to paediatric patientsĀ and provides parents with a drug free alternative. Chiropractic care for babies and children is gentle and safe. Paediatric patients are treated differently to adults due to the nature of their developing skeletal system and neurological system. Treatment of paediatrics is not based on biomechanics but rather in providing support to their neuromuscular system through the developmental stages. Should you have specific questions regarding treatment for paediatric patients, feel free to contact Somerset Chiropractic and we will gladly assist you or ask you local chiropractor.