Age brings along its own aches and pains. Although these complaints may be seen as a nuisance, growing old is denied to many, for this reason growing old should be viewed be as a privilege. Many of these irritating aches and pains may be soothed and relived by specific gentle chiropractic care. 
At Somerset Chiropractic we aim not only to relieve pain but also to increase functionality. Often chiropractic treatment for the elderly forms part of further preventative care. At Somerset Chiropractic we value the older generation, and thus we aim to provide gentle care in a relaxed and caring environment. Treatment can be modified to suit the needs of each patient and will be modified to any constraints of pre-existing medical conditions e.g. Osteoporosis. Somerset West chiropractor, Dr Cawood  welcomes you to come and enjoy the benefits of chiropractic treatment at any age.